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FIT Park Meadows offers CrossFit, FIT, Boot Camp, Olympic Lifting and more! They are unlike any other gym around! The community is supportive, and the adrenaline is unbeatable. The motto: #yeahitsthattough, delivers.

F.I.T. is an intense bootcamp style workout that utilizes the space and equipment of a CrossFit gym. The workout differs from CrossFit by focusing on lighter weights and more reps with little rest for the entire 55 minutes.

The F.I.T Park Meadows philosophy: “Believe the only thing between you and your next goal is you.” If you are seeking a nonstop, high intensity workout without the heavy weights. The F.I.T. concept was originally created by F.I.T. Park Meadows. It is now a format offered at over 20 CrossFit gyms around the country.