Our firm knows that for a business to succeed it must adapt, evolve and grow as technology changes. Not recognizing that change is a dynamic force in the consumer marketplace. Many design firms do not implement effective strategies that take into account the growth of a company. Web Design Florida continues in its efforts to expand upon its services, making sure to keep up with the times. We offer first class support around the clock and continuously build strong long term relationships with our clients. We also develop excellent relationships with vendors who provide us with discounts on exceptional services, thereby allowing us to pass along those discounts to our clients.

Planning Phase

The planning stage is the most important aspect of any project and will eat up a good amount of time, but when done right, the development and implementation happen quickly with great effort. Here is a list of some key areas of focus:

  • Company Goals
  • Target Market & Demographics
  • Competition
  • Information Architecture

Discovery Phase

This is a process used to gather all the relevant necessary information from the beginning. We use a top down approach to looking at your business or organization to insure that real solutions are created. You might have initial goals in mind, but the discovery process may uncover other significant opportunities that you were not aware of.

Strategic Phase

A strategic session is conducted once all the information is gathered, We analyze your project and get to know your market including your target demographic and competitors. We put together a “Dig Plan” on how to best implement your project.

Planning Phase

Once the planning stage is finalized with our team, the development stage takes place. This is where your project comes to life. Here is a list of some key areas of focus:

  • Design (Website or Mobile App)
  • Rich Media (Flash,Video, Audio)
  • Print Media
  • Coding & Scripting
  • Content Management Setup (Joomla, WordPress, etc.)

Development Stage

Web Design Florida has serviced and supported thousands of hours of website design in addition to providing complete web solutions, search engine optimization and marketing services at afforable prices. We make sure to provide customized eye-catching website and mobile app designs in addition to getting your company listed in all major search engines. It is our intention to help your company build a community that stirs up coversation and provides you with a powerful identity on the web. What differentiates our firm from other marketing firms is our strong focus on an array of innovative services.

Implementation Phase

Once you approve the development of your solution, we will assemble the components together into a cohesive polished product.

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