Mobile App Marketing

Our iPhone Apps were featured front page articles in The Jerusalem Post and Time Magazine Online:

Jerusalem Post article: Mitzvah Project App
Time Magazine Online article: Daily Temperature Reading App

Hundreds of new apps are flooding the market daily and without the proper marketing strategy, you have no chance for success in this competitive market. Our team takes time to research each clients new app target market to see what the best way then can achieve their goals. Then we come together to brainstrom a proper strategy, while making sure our clients gain the greatest ROI. We work with you from getting a customized app website up… all the way through sending you analytical reports on the increase of sales throughtout the app marketing campaign. We will monitor all your custom site/blogs traffic constantly and updated it at anytime as per request. Again, our #1 goal is to create a huge buzz around your app to make sure it speards throughout the online world, so your business can gain the highest ROI in this growing application market.

App Marketing Package Include:

  • A custom web site or blog.
  • A press release.
  • An app Facebook fan page.
  • Implement Search Engine Optimization.
  • Registering your app to prominent review sites.
  • Working with online magazine editors to promote the app.
  • Assisting with promoting app on social media channels.
  • Uploading app promotional video onto Youtube
  • Suggestion of app pricing relative to market competitors.
  • Weekly app sales report.

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